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Andy Coates with rottweiler

National Guard Dogs is a trading division of Black Banks Kennels and Training Ltd and is managed by Andy Coates, ex-security dog handler and trainer and Dave Davies, an experienced ex-Police dog handler and trainer.

Dave and Andy specialise in training personal protection dogs and dogs for the security industry like guard dogs, search dogs, drug detection dogs as well as dealing with the general public with basic obedience training and behaviour problems. The pair have known each other over 20 years and between them have a huge wealth of experience.

The business is based at Black Banks Kennels and Cattery set in a rural location close to Darlington, North East England. We deal with lots of local dog owners in places such as Newcastle Upon Tyne and Middlesbrough but we also work with owners in other parts of the UK, as far afield as London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.

Dave Davies demonstrating security dog

Dave and Andy believe that whilst there are outstanding methods of providing safety and security in this day and age, nothing compares even closely to a properly trained patrol dog working with a skilled handler. This has little to do with the dog's ability to defend, but if properly trained, its unique ability to find hidden persons and items contaminated by human scent using its olfactory system (its nose). Once stolen property or the intruder is located the police can be called in to deal professionally with the situation.

Dave is a member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers and is also qualified to assess security dog handlers and their dogs. Dave also competes in service dog competitions with his own dogs. Andy was the former owner of a security company where he trained all the security dogs. Andy also competes in Kennel Club working trials.

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