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National Guard Dogs is a highly specialised dog training kennels, supplying professionally obedience-trained family pets/companions with or without training in personal protection. We also supply trained and part trained (green) dogs for use with Game Keepers, Water Bailiffs, Security Companies, Police Forces, HM Prison Services. We can supply dogs to clients in the UK and worldwide.

Our Protection dogs are primarily a well trained family pet that will defend it's handler when called on to do so. They are not aggressive attack dogs that bite everything in site out of fear. We provide you with a realistically priced dog that once bonded to you and your family will not only be an excellent pet and companion it will also be a protector capable of dealing with most threats to you, your family and property.

We go well beyond just selling you a trained dog; we train you how to handle the dog and provide you with support throughout the dog's life. We also offer a free annual refresher course for your dog to keep him/her at her peak. For this service you just pay our standard kennel rates for the boarding so whilst you have your family holiday your dog will be put through their paces.

For clients wanting a security patrol dog, our security dogs are trained to a high standard. As part of the price we include a course then assessment to take the dog and handler through to the standard given by The British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (Security Division).

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Trained protection dog

Trained Protection Dog

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Trained Security Dog

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