Protection And Security Dog Training

At National Guard Dogs we offer training for both dogs and handlers from all parts of the UK. We normally work on a one-to-one basis with owners or handlers or with small groups such as a family or staff team. The training service is outlined below and it can be tailored to your specific needs if required.

Dog sold to customer

Basic Obedience
This will include basic lead walking, sit, down, wait, recall.

Advanced Obedience
This will include walking without lead, retrieve, send away, stay, advanced recall.

Specialist Training

Depending on your own dog's temperament and working drive we may be able to train them for one of the following or we can supply dogs that can be trained for these purposes.

  • Personal Protection
  • Tracking
  • Searching for persons - intruders or innocent parties like search and rescue work
  • Searching for specific scents i.e. firearms
  • British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers security handling

For more details of dogs for sale or our training services, please call

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Trained protection dog

Trained Protection Dog

Trained security dog

Trained Security Dog

Protection dog training

Security Dog Training